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Never forget that Honda is a tank.

That Honda’s a pretty cool guy. He beats up thugs and doesn’t afraid of anything.

People usually forget that both Honda and Jou were gang members in mid-school. Jou particularly could take a small gang by himself but Honda was also pretty impressive. Both in the anime and the manga he is the one who does most of the heavy brawling and carry people around

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Arc-V Episode 21 with Subtitles
Online (alternative)
MEGA (with subs) [ MonoSubs ] 
You can find the previous episode here. You can see all episodes under the tag #arc v episode
To learn everything you need to know about torrents, check here.

Arc-V Episode 21 with Subtitles

You can find the previous episode here. You can see all episodes under the tag #arc v episode

To learn everything you need to know about torrents, check here.

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GX Headcanon 11


Alexis Rohoes / Asuka Tenjoin

She developed a crush on Jaden/Judai because he treated her the same as his guy-friends. She was used to guys stuttering, objectifying, or just embarrassing her. However, he talked to her as a peer and as a duelist, and she respected him for that. Her crush was likely only reinforced by him helping her, saving her, and not rubbing it in that he did it, as well as growing up. They were friends first, the crush did not come until later. She wanted to tell him her feelings, but knew that nothing could happen between them. It was the end of the senior year, they were both graduating soon and going their separate ways. If they got together, life would’ve forced them apart. It is very possible that she wants to grow up some more herself, and see how she feels when she sees him all grown up after a few more years. There’s a saying that the best things in life are worth waiting for, Alexis/Asuka is mature enough to wait and see by this philosophy. She could meet someone else, they could grow up to be completely different people, or they could become more compatible with maturity.


This was a very realistic, respectable, and mature outcome, to be friends and rivals when we look at the immediate futures ahead of them.

(Screenshot from episode 162)

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I like how when an explosion goes off these people do not panic and run wildly about like we would in real life. These people have been chased, persecuted, escaped death, and are still being hunted down by the Supreme King. Ain’t nothing gonna phase these people, they’re tough as steel and have seen everything.

Run to where?

Besides, all the animation budget went to animate the Supreme King’s armor and cape, not for some lousy peasants running around panicking 

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Hyksos Steatite Scarab Seal with hieroglyphs, Middle Bronze, c. 1700 - 1530 BC

The Hyksos were an were mixed Semitic-Asiatic peoples from West  Asia who took over the eastern Nile Delta, ending the Thirteenth dynasty of Egypt and initiating the Second Intermediate Period (1650–1550 BC).

The Hyksos introduced the horse and chariot, the compound bow, improved battle axes, and advanced fortification techniques into Egypt. At Avaris (modern Tall al-Dabʿa) in the northeastern delta, they built their capital with a fortified camp over the remains of a Middle Kingdom town. Excavations since the 1960s have revealed a Canaanite-style temple, Palestinian-type burials, including horse burials, Palestinian types of pottery, quantities of their superior weapons, and a series of Minoan frescoes that demonstrate stylistic parallels to those of Knossos and Thera.

Although vilified in some Egyptian texts, the Hyksos had ruled as pharaohs and were listed as legitimate kings in the Turin Papyrus.  At least superficially they were Egyptianized, and they did not interfere with Egyptian culture beyond the political sphere.

More about the Hyksos…

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Winged Kuriboh
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Pixiv ID: 39968046Member: ゴブンノゴ



Pixiv ID: 39968046
Member: ゴブンノゴ

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遊戯王ログログ | ミズモチ@H+
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2 - Ryou Bakura6 - Crow Hogan25 - Sho Marufuji

2 - Ryou Bakura
6 - Crow Hogan
25 - Sho Marufuji

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How to delete a reposted edit


Because I’ve seen many bloggers complaining about the fact that their edit has been reposted, here’s a way to get it down:

  1. mail to
  2. send them the link of your original post and the link of the reposted one
  3. you should receive two mails, one confirms that they’ve received your complaint, a second one when they’ve deleted the reposted edit

Hope this helps a bit :)

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